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Collaborate With City to Accommodate Needs and to Shorten Zoning Approval Timeline


Provide Developer With Approved Home Designs, Trade Secrets, Systems, and Data to Maximize Profits and Quicken Timelines


Market New Development Under Our Growing National Brand To Begin Enticing Buyers, Investors, and Renters


Provide National, Professional, and Headache-Free Property Management


Provide Licensed Real Estate Sales Services For Each Individual House And On-Going Brand Marketing


"We've vacationed in villas and homes all around the world. This one was the best! It was clean, comfortable, well appointed and the floor plan was perfect for our 11 guest. Everyone agreed that they enjoyed this property far and awat other properties we've been at. . . In short - we would definitely endorse this property!"

- Lorna A. Nov, 2015


Paradise Village at Zion was a major contributor to making the city financially stable (healthy) again [. . .]  We believe that the ongoing economic benefit for the city will be roughly $345,000 per year. The cost to develop and build the homes for the entire project is expected to be just over 38 million; this is money that is going directly into the city and Washington County. "

Edward O. Dickie III, Santa Clara City Manager

"Our group was a softball team from out of state and we LOVED staying here in Santa Clara while our tournament [...]The home was absolutey BEAUTIFUL and a great place to come "HOME" to after a full day of softball. It really helped our team bonding effort and felt like home to our softball team. [...].......We were truly SPOILED!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!"

- Angelica M. Mar. 2016 


We never had a minute of hesitation about the project. During our Due Diligence time we had 23 reservations come in. I know the seller was having second thoughts of selling it to us. He should have backed out and not sold it to us because we have made a lot of money [. . .] I would say the only thing that has been stressful throughout this project has been inventing the wheel. Making a plan for everyone to follow and knowing what the best plan is."

-Sara Merrill - Developer of Paradise Village at Zion


Bevy started 21 years ago as a search for the perfect vacation rental home. It then progressed into the first vacation rental home community called Paradise Village at Zion in Santa Clara, Utah. Tristan Webb as the vacation rental property manager and home design consultant and adviser consulted with Brad and Sara Merrill as the developers and David Whitehead as the contracted real estate agent and city councilman to design and shape a truly unique vacation rental home community.

Paradise Village at Zion became a wild success, selling 115 homes with 52  backup offers in 28 months, while the competitors did not sell a single home.  

In order to replicate and improve this success, Bevy™ came together, charged with the vision of expanding the this brand across the globe by partnering with individual developers and cities to build zoned nightly rental vacation rental communities in cities everywhere.

Bevy has taken similar designs, patterns, processes that made Paradise Village at Zion such a success, improved the original designs and model from trial and error, case studies, surveys, national studies, and research to benefit future developers, cities, home owners, and renters.


Bevy | Group Vacation Rentals™ helps guests, investors, developers and cities build the perfect legally zoned, branded, and franchised vacation rental communities specifically designed for business and leisure groups that fit every city and budget.


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