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Cottonwood Height Short-Term Rental Ordinance
This ordinance was created by Tristan Webb after working with his attorneys in compiling vacation rental ordinances from all over the world to distil all the best features for all the stakeholders into a single document.

This ordinance was first crafted for the city of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and has since been used a template of best practices when dealing with vacation rentals throughout the world by the Vacation Rental Managers Association.
Santa Clara Short-Term Rental Zoning


Chapter 17.20


A. Definitions: As used in this chapter,

SELF-CONTAINED: A project where no public streets provide access to individual units that are no part of the project.

SHORT TERM RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY: Property which is used by any person or entity for hostel, hotel, inn, lodging, motel, resort, or other transient lodging uses where the term of occupancy, possession, or tenancy of the property by the person is for twenty nine (29) consecutive calendar days or less, for direct or indirect remuneration. For this section, "remuneration" means compensation, money, rent, or other consideration including free gratis, given for occupancy, possession or use of real property.

B. Requirement: Short term residential properties are prohibited in all zones within the city of Santa Clara except where allowed by conditional use permit in the planned development residential district or historic district/mixed use zone. (Refer to each district or zone for specific conditions for use.) (Ord. 2015-03: Ord. 2013-16)


Short term residential property is subject to the following conditions:

1. The short term use of residential properties will be subject to the following conditions, and other recommendations made by the planning commission and approved by the city council to promote compatibility between short term rental properties and permanent residents. The entire project shall be designated for short term rental unless otherwise approved by the city council, and subject to the following:

a. All approved short term residential rental units within a project must be managed by one or more licensed property managers, or by a property management company, shall maintain a Utah sales tax license, and shall collect the required transient room tax for all short term residential rental units.

b. The manager (company) shall be located within Washington County and shall be available at all times upon the request of the city.

c. If less than an entire project is requested, the planning commission shall recommend, and the city council may approve a certain number of units that may be used for short term rental.

d. Off street parking shall be available for RV/boat parking. On street parking of such vehicles is not allowed, except for temporary loading and unloading, not to exceed forty eight (48) hours.

e. One or more garbage collection bins may be required to be located on site in addition to garbage cans for individual units.

f. The recorded plat, CC&Rs and all sales literature shall clearly state that the project, or any approved part thereof, is approved for short term rental purposes.

2. The PDR district map shall designate where short term residential property has been approved.

3. In existing developments all owners of record shall consent to all of the portions of the project being approved for short term rental.

4. The property shall have two (2) parking spaces for each dwelling unit plus one additional space for every two (2) guest bedrooms. (A "guest bedroom" shall mean each bedroom in the dwelling in addition to the first bedroom.)

5. On street parking may be used to meet the parking requirement for a "self-contained" project as may be recommended by the planning commission and approved by the city council. "Self-contained" means that all units in the project are designated for short term rental.

6. Tandem parking in driveways may be used to meet the parking requirement for a "self-contained" project as may be recommended by the planning commission and approved by the city council.

7. The owner or the property manager shall obtain an annual residential rental business license as required by the city of Santa Clara.

8. The project shall contain recreation facilities consistent with the size of the project or as may be recommended by the planning commission.

9. Short term rental of residential properties shall meet all other standard requirements of the PDR district.

Timeshares/fractional interests.

Other uses similar to the above and judged by the planning commission to be in harmony with the intent and purpose of the zone.

E. Dimensional Requirements: See section 17.68.110, table 1 of this chapter for general dimensional requirements.

F. Residential Dwelling Units Permitted: In any zone in which residential dwellings or dwelling units are permitted, portable or mobile recreational units such as campers, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, tent trailers, tents or any other type of recreational, mobile or portable housing unit ("recreational housing unit") are not permitted for housing use, except that such a unit may be used to house guests of the primary dwelling for up to eight (8) days in any calendar month without being in violation of the land use ordinance subject to the following conditions:

1. No recreational housing unit may be located on any street or other part of a public right of way, except for temporary loading and unloading of such unit but not to exceed forty eight (48) hours.

2. A recreational housing unit may be located in the side or rear yard of the permanent residential dwelling.

3. The use of such recreational housing unit shall not cause unusual noise, require additional automobile parking, or other problems to adjacent neighbors.

4. No recreational housing unit shall be permitted on any property that does not contain a dwelling or dwelling unit located on the property.

5. Where an unusual health related hardship exists for an extended family member of the principal dwelling unit, the zoning administrator may grant a time extension beyond the eight (8) day time limit for occupancy of the recreational housing unit. However, any time extension beyond sixty (60) days shall require the approval of the city council. (Ord. 2015-17: Ord. 2015-05: Ord. 2015-03: Ord. 2013-16: Ord. 2007-01 § 1: Ord. 2004-36)

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